• 1 June 2012Introducing Example Words and Readings

    Today's update adds a couple changes to the Labs page so as not to disrupt the current SRS reviews.

    There are many directions to go with example readings and dictionary features. Please let me know what you think so I know what to improve for those of you who like the integration of flashcard reviews on this site.

    The Vocab Shuffle feature now requires a Heisig frame number. It will show randomized priority entries from Jim Breen's dictionary, but only words made of kanji that you have learned so far. Many thanks to nikitakit (Nikita Kitaev) who showed me a simple solution to do this.

    The Free Review Mode on the Labs page now introduces kanji readings via example words. Words are selected from priority entries in Jim Breen's dictionary, so kanji will not always have example words. The logic currently tries to pick one On and one Kun example words. On readings are displayed in Katakana, while Kun readings are displayed in Hiragana.

    I'm using an old version of the Jim Breen dictionary so you may find on occasion a kanji does not show example words. This does not necessarily mean that the kanji is rare, it may be that the words have not been properly tagged with a higher priority value.

    Everytime you start a Vocab Shuffle, example words are selected at random. For reference, there is a pool of 2833 words at frame #500 (from which random example words are selected), 7963 words at #1000, 14862 at #1500 and 23801 at kanji #2042 (RTK Volume 1).

    Other minor changes:

    * The Progress page review links are now called "Test" to emphasize that they do not count towards progress. The text on the page was updated.

    * The kanji tooltips in Vocab Shuffle now include the frame number (eg. "dream #305").