• 15 January 2013There is NO malware on this website or the forum!

    UPDATE: The Google malware warning seems to be gone now.

    Unfortunately Google has flagged an entire ad delivery network (adsbyisocket) as "malware". You can see as of writing here it's not even displaying an ad, but showing a vacant space "Advertise here".

    Google flags ad network isocket for alleged malware; Chrome blocks TechCrunch, Cult of Mac, others (Updated)

    Also see isocket's feed on Twitter

    There is nothing I can do but wait and reply to concerned people's emails. There is no use for me to remove the ad code as the website is already "flagged" on Google's database, there will be no immediate change.

    Neither is it any use to disable the ads with AdBlocker. Please disable AdBlocker on this site if you want to support us. This site always partners with relevant and helpful advertisers, it doesn't display random ads like Google AdSense.

    I'm sorry there's not much I can do right now. Even if the ad space is currently vacant, I won't remove it as it is a good service, and removing it is no guarantee that the "ban" will be lifted off any sooner. I will issue a request with Google to clear the site.