• 19 January 2013Free Review: Review Known Kanji (and example words)

    Today's update adds a new option on the Labs page.

    This review mode will pick a random selection of cards, from all the kanji flashcards which you have reviewed at least once succesfully (hence none of them won't be from the red stack).

    As this is a "free review" mode, it means the SRS (spaced repetition system) won't be affected, so the graph on the Review page will not change. It's worth noting that the Story dialog (S key) is available in free reviews, so you can improve your mnemonics/stories during a review.

    It's probably best not to overuse this feature while also studying with the SRS. This feature may be useful to do a big review after taking a long break.

    Another possible benefit would be when you have completed RTK, and you don't want to feel burdened by the SRS review cycle. With the On/Kun Readings option you could use this to learn words while at the same time doing a bit of kanji reviews.

    This option was suggested in this topic. Please post feedback there, thanks :)