• 26 January 2014Flashcard Review page optimized for smartphones !

    At long last, the flashcard review page is optimized to work on smartphones and small screen devices! As long as you have network access, you can now do reviews in your favorite spot :)

    On the right side, the View / Edit story dialog uses a simpler design that fits the smartphone display from edge to edge. 

    A refreshed design : On the desktop too, you will notice the review page has fresher design, with slightly larger buttons using vibrant colours to match the No/Yes/Easy answers. And you will still benefit from the opimized layout if the browser window is quite small, which could be handy on netbooks or laptops.

    Improved usability : The flashcard can be flipped by tapping on the flashcard (or clicking on the desktop), which should be particularly handy with the Vocab Shuffle mode, where you can just flip through a bunch of cards quite easily. To further improve usability on touch devices, the View / Edit Story dialog, and the Flashcard Edit dialog (where you can delete or skip cards) can be dismissed by tapping outside of the dialog. Update: Doh, touch on iPad (and I'm guessing smartphones as well) is not working. >_> This will be fixed next week. For now you can touch/click the buttons as usual.

    Feedback as usual is welcome and is particularly important for this update because I do not own a smartphone myself! Testing and development was made with the help of an emulator. Please post suggestions and feedback in this forum thread or through the contact form. Thank you!

    On a personal level, I don't know what just happened but I started on January 13th and have spent on average 5h a day, 35h in total this week including today Sunday. So now I am going to take a well deserved break for a few days :)

    So next week I hope with sufficient feedback I will be able to further improve the smartphone support if needed. Perhaps we could add some basic smartphone support for the Review Summary and the Study pages? Do we want to support landscape mode as well? Let me know!