• 3 February 2014Minor fixes and... line breaks!

    Today's update involves a couple small fixes and a change to the Story edition feature.

    • Line breaks are now used when displaying your own stories (mnemonics) in the Study pages as well as the Flashcard Review "Edit Story" dialog (thanks to jmignot for the reminder).
    • Fixed issue with Flip Card keyboard shortcut (Spacebar and F) after using the Flashcard Menu dialog (thanks timaki).
    • Removed the fade-in effect when moving between flashcards. The intention was to add more visual cue but until I can do a better effect, I agree it can feel a bit slower. This should feel more snappy on mobile too.
    Line breaks are not displayed in the Shared Stories list. This is intentional. Think Twitter's limit on the length of messages: the idea is to have small compromises in order to encourage users to share effective, and on topic stories.

    However in the personal story area, I understand users want to add more information, such as example words, and misc. notes of personal interest. This is the reason why line breaks are displayed in personal, but not shared stories.

    In other news, additional feedback for the mobile flashcard reviews is still very much helpful. Let me know what device you use, and whether or not it is comfortable to use.