• 27 November 2014Lil update on 6th edition support

    The website is technically ready to support multiple character indexes and the new settings page to select the RTK edition is working. Now I have to update the scripts which are used to feed the character information in the database, in order to include the 6th edition frame numbers.

    As I was looking into the Perl scripts written years ago I became frustrated with having to re-learn another language once again. This made me realize that, besides the cost of rewriting old code, there is also a cost involved in having to switch between languages. There is only so much that you can be proficient in at the same time, especially when you are building web applications and you also want to be proficient with the front end side of things (Javascript, Html and Css).

    So I figured since I have to make significant changes to the Perl scripts, I may as well rewrite them in Php. I'd rather use fewer languages, and get to know them well than use more languages and only dabble in some of them. I really hope I can wrap this up in the next couple weeks!