• 3 December 2014RTK 6th Edition Support is live!

    New members are automatically set up with the 6th edition of Remembering the Kanji. Already registered users: if you'd like to use the 6th edition index, go to the new Kanji Sequence page in the Account tab, and select the New Edition.

    Your stories and flashcards are completely SAFE when switching indexes. The chosen index simply changes the displayed Heisig "frame number", and it changes which kanji gets added to your flashcards when you enter frame numbers in the Manage page. I will post a more detailed update soon to explain how the switch between indexes work, as well as the "extended frame numbers" (briefly: any frame number above 12000 is an "extended frame number", whereby the site uses the Unicode Character Set values as a makeshift extension of the Heisig frame numbers).

    The site was down approx. 15 mins at 6pm CET for the update, sorry about that :) I did my best to run various scenarios and try to catch as many bugs as possible. With such a wide refactoring of the code, it's very possible some minor bugs are left. Please let me know asap. Hopefully everything's fine and dandy!