• 11 December 2014Minor fixes for last update.

    A small update today fixes the following:

    • Profiles displayed incorrect values of flashcard count and total reviews (thanks brookwind, Carlos, Gonzalo and Sebastian for letting me know).
    • Kanji links in stories saved before the update were not formatted, so eg. {500} would show up as is, instead of turning into a link.
    • Fixed copying old stories using kanji links which would then link to the incorrect character when saved while using the new edition.
    You can still use frame numbers to create links in stories, for example {500}. In order to work with multiple editions, and allow the user to switch between editions in a non-destructive way, these references are now translated when the story is saved. Thus if you use the new edition and enter {46} in a story, it will be converted to {肘}.

    Kanji links are formatted according to the reader's selected index. Someone using the old edition will then see 肘 (#2464). Someone using the new edition will see 肘 (#46). Both will link to the same character's Study page, but the displayed index is based on the user's selected edition.

    This gives you an idea as to how much fun I had working on the last update ;)

    Next on my todo list: I have to fix one keyword, and document (here) a few keywords in the old edition that were upgraded to the new edition. I have received a couple suggestions to add flashcard settings in the new Account page, and I'd love to work on them. However I have to prioritize and my next task will be to add Simplified Hanzi support to Reviewing the Hanzi website.