• 4 January 2015Happy New Year & Upcoming changes!

    The next significant update will remove the flashcard and custom keyword limits, so that you can add flashcards for characters not included in Remembering the Kanji !

    More specifically I will be updating the database so that all characters in the "CJK Unified Ideograph" (U+4E00 to U+9FAF) are covered. That is ~20900 characters, covering chinese characters in addition to the ~12000 from KANJIDIC which the site supported until now.

    You can see some of these characters such as ("spider") already have shared stories. With the upcoming update you will be able to add them to your flashcards as well as edit the keyword!

    Thank you!
    Thanks to everyone who showed support in 2014 ! Last year was a bit of a low for me, but things are looking better! While I do not reply individually to each donation, I assure you they are very helpful and meaningful to me.

    It seems I am gaining a little grit lately, and am really hoping to keep the ball rolling throughout this year. Something I'd love to do is completely refresh the site's design and layout so it is more flexible across devices, as well as add options to customize the flashcards. And if you can think of something else you'd really like to see on this site let me know!