• 1 May 2015New page: Flashcard Settings

    There is now a new Flashcards section in the Account & Settings page which will hold general settings for the flashcards format and spaced repetition.

    The first option available is called "Review new flashcards (blue pile) in RTK order." Check this option if you would like to review new cards in their index order. This makes the test somewhat easier since characters that use similar primitives will appear in the same order as they are introduced in the book (thus hinting at which primitives the characters are made of). On the other hand it may also help users who have difficulty passing the first review, by emphasizing the connections between the characters made of similar primitives. Up to you! And of course you can switch it whenever you like.

    The option to shuffle the cards was also added to Custom Review > Review a range of kanji, as a new checkbox. This option is now off by default. I thought this would be a more sensible default for non-SRS reviews. If not, let me know what you think!