• 8 January 2016Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year everyone! Here is an update on the end of the year donation run. We have reached approx. 774 EUR ! Thank you!

    Continuing from last post, in chronological order and up to December 31 : many thanks to Лукьяненко, Levon, Zachary, Xavier, Rebecca, Catherine, Sebastian, Francesca, Ayman, Robert, Jean M., Andrew, Michael, Jarmo and Benoit. As well as Kenneth and Eric who should have been included in the last post, my apologies!

    I hope I can still make some valuable improvements to the website this year. Right now I have quite a bit on my mind as I need to move back to Brussels where I used to live many years, settle there in a new place and find new employment. I can't wait though, because the last couple years I have felt increasingly isolated and living outside of the capital wasn't working out for me.

    Please note that donations aren't the only way to support the site. Links to Kanji Koohii and our community forum have always been extremely useful. Much of the new visitor traffic to this site comes from links in popular blogs and social sites, that are often several years old! If you love the site please consider leaving a mention / link on your blog, Twitter feed, etc. This can have a great impact over time, thank you!