• 5 September 2016Bugfix

    I fixed a rather big bug today related to the On / Kun example readings. The reading was cut after the highlighted part... The On / Kun reading corresponding tio the kanji flashcard was correct, but the full word was not spelled out so the reading could be misleading. For example 少 ("few") would show the reading すこ ... however that reading only made sense in the full word すこし. Now the full word is displayed correctly, along with the highlighted kanji reading. Thanks to Noah for letting me know!

    To enable example words on your flashcards go to Account Settings > Flashcards. Example words are selected based on their frequency of use as documented in JMDICT (roughly 16000 entries in JMDICT). For common kanji where there are several suitable On and/or Kun readings, the example words will be picked at random. That way you can get more of your kanji reviews after completing RTK.