• 10 September 2016Minor tweak to the site news

    I finally added a link to each individual post... (sigh). It's important for search engines and to let users share those posts. Just one of those things that sat at the bottom of a to do list somewhere. Anyway, I've rolled my eyes enough times already. :P Point is, it's there.. so if you wanted to share a link to one of the news posts, the title of this news post is now a link !

    By the way, the background color changed recently. Did anyone notice? :D I thought it was nicer on the forum so I brought the change to the main site as well. In this old post you can see the difference... Hopefully you'll agree it is nicer. I think it's funny... it seems I remove a little bit of yellow from the background color every few years. It took ten years to get to this point!

    PS: Apologies to our Brazilian friends! I've noticed once in a while people have trouble answering the question on the sign up page. They are often Portuguese spellings (and probably misspellings too) for the name of the capital of Japan. I have just added more of those spellings to make the registration easier.