• 24 September 2016Maintenance / minor tweak

    The website was updated with minor cosmetic changes to improve the theme since I changed the background color some time ago (less yellowish).

    I've also updated the tools used to build the Javascripts to Closure Compiler from Google. There shouldn't be any changes, but.. you never know. If anything behaves differently compared to the last few days let me know!

    Lately I planned to make the whole site mobile friendly but I am cutting back some of those plans because I'd really like to work on something new for existing users. So right now I decided to focus the mobile support to the homepage, and give it a much needed makeover. I'm getting rid of the Amazon links because they earned me pennies in affiliate income, so they are pretty useless. I'm improving the landing page with better screenshots.

    I want to experiment on a new landing page with a mobile navigation as well. And then if it's satisfying, I can gradually move that to the rest of the pages. The thing is I should know better than reinvent the wheel. But what framework do I use? I've never liked jquery, and it's annoying that Bootstrap comes with jquery by default. I'm looking at some interesting projects that include Bootstrap with native Javascript.

    Another concern is that maintaining a site that was started 10 years ago is no simple feat. If I include Bootstrap for example, it will cascade all kind of effects on the styling of the pages because it's got its own "reset" stylesheet. So at this point, I cherry pick pretty much every component, and big frameworks tend to not work for me.