• 7 October 2016NEW! View all stories shared by a user on their profile

    Today's update adds the ability to view all shared stories by any given user. So if you find one particular user's mnemonics helpful and you'd like to see the other stories they have shared, you can find them all in one place. Simply click the user name in the stories list to go to their profile page.

    • Under Activity the Profile page statistics were fleshed out a little bit and now include the number of stories.

    • Please note that the Profile page only shows public stories, even when viewing your own profile. To view all your stories, head over to "My Stories" as usual (from the Study dropdown).

    • A new Member Profile link has been added to the account menu (top right) to make it easier to see your profile.

    This feature has been requested quite a few times in the past. Thanks to István for reminding me about it!