• 8 March 2006Creating links between shared stories

    Whenever you want to reference another kanji in a shared story/mnemonic, you may enclose the frame number with characters { and }. These will appear as links that may be clicked to go directly to the kanji, as well as show the corresponding keyword. See my story for "safeguard" (under the name fuaburisu) for an example.

    I would like to remind everyone that the original stories from James Heisig, author of "Remembering the Kanji", should not be posted on the website. These are the Copyright of the author, Mr James Heisig, and furthermore it has never been my goal to list the stories from the book.

    The goal of the "study" area is to allow members to help one another with the third part of the book, where stories are no longer provided. Whenever you are stuck or have difficulty with a particular kanji, you can find inspiration in the shared mnemonics.

    As for the kanji covered in the first two parts of the book, the possibility is there to share mnemonics, to offer alternatives to those of Mr Heisig, where the one from the book didn't work well for you.

    Some quick numbers out of the database :

    • we currently have 9950 stories, 3331 of which are publicly shared
    • we have 1613 individual kanji covered by at least one shared story
    • we have 86 individual members who have shared mnemonics
    • top 10 members who have shared stories : taijuando (62), erikkusan (71), rizzo (100), matticus (115), scottamus (154), darg_sama (194), Raichu (268), Immacolata (348), gorgon (384), fuaburisu (that's me) (790)

    Thank you for sharing your stories, mnemonics or hints. With your help, the "study" area is becoming a great resource for learners of "Remembering the kanji".