• 23 October 2016New : "Hard" rating for flashcard answers.

    Today's update adds a new Hard rating for the flashcard answers. The new "Hard" button is logically placed between "No" and "Yes", and can be activated with the h keyboard shortcut.

    Think of "Hard" as the opposite of "Easy" : you remember some elements of the character, but in truth, you don't have a full recollection of it. Therefore during review, and in the summary table "Hard" answers are counted as "failed" or "forgotten". That way you have a more accurate feedback about cards that are fully remembered.

    Where Yes and Easy move a card up to the next stack of cards and a greater review interval, the "Hard" answer demotes a card to a lower pile. Since the card moves back, it is scheduled at a lower interval and comes back for review sooner (see flashcard scheduling in the documentation).

    The "Hard" answer is very useful if you prefer not to go through the Study page > Relearn > Review cycle. So you have both options now. Even when your story is not effective, you can always edit it straight from the Review page (shortcut S), and answer "Hard". That way you never have to deal with the failed pile.

    The second pile of cards (first review) is a special case: new cards that are answered "Hard" will land in the second pile, but they always come for review the next day. Currently, a card in the third pile, that is demoted with a "Hard" answer, also is scheduled for review in one day (instead of using the default of ~3 days for the second pile).

    I did not change the number shortcuts 1,2,3 that match No, Yes, Easy. I thought using Hard, Yes, Easy instead as the default answers might be preferred. Just let me know what kind of shortcuts or defaults you would prefer and based on feedback I can always tweak those.