• 8 December 2016Testers wanted for mobile update + JapanesePod101 Deals

    JapanesePod101 Holiday Countdown! check out the thread for the coupons like 47% OFF Basic & Premium and 1-Year Premium for $99 (until Dec 16th).

    Mobile / responsive site update : it's taking a bit longer than I hoped.. but for the better! I'm looking into VueJs and I realized I just can't continue to write Javascript the way I used to some years ago. A framework like Vue will save me a TON of time. I figured I may as well start using it, probably for the site-wide search bar and perhaps some mobile navigation elements.

    Looking for testers! Would you like to help me improve the website for mobile / smartphone / tablet users? (basically, touch interface). I need a few active users who are looking forward to a responsive / mobile optimized version of Kanji Koohii. You can help me simply by using the site, and send me some feedback. For example, are there links / buttons in some places that are too small, how is the navigation; etc. Then send me a message briefly indicating what device / model you have.

    It would be motivating for me and if I have at least three applications I will put up a "test" copy of the site with the responsive update I'm working on. It is furthermore helpful because believe it or not, I don't have a smartphone. Most of the testing I do is on some kind of emulator.

    The main difference you'll find is that the site is not scaled. Everything is made to fit on the device screen without zooming. The top navigation has been redone and is hopefully easier to use on small screens. I still need to find a solution for the Study page layout, and the Review page Leitner graph. But with some feedback I can already tweak the navigation while I work on the rest.

    The test site will be connected to exactly the same database, so you could use it already if it's usable enough. Your account will work on the test site. Some things will be broken, but usually it's visuals. No significant logic is changed anywhere so flashcards and stories will work as expected.