• 9 March 2006Work out those kanji muscles

    KanjiGym Light is an easy-to-use software designed to review all the kanji covered in "Remembering the Kanji" Volume 1, as well as it's French, German, and Spanish editions. It is being offered by James W. Heisig and The Vittorio Klostermann Publishing House.

    KanjiGym Light is available for Mac, PC and Palm OS. The latter version could be quite handy if you want to review on the bus/train on your way to work, for example, when you don't have a direct connection to the internet.

    The program also features stroke-order animations which may be handy if you have difficulty with the writing of the characters.

    Whichever reviewing method suits you, you're always welcome into our "study" area where you will find helpul hints for creating mnemonics and taking care of the troublesome kanji!