• 14 December 2016More testers needed for mobile / responsive update

    Would you like to help out improve the website for mobile (smartphone & tablets)? Or even the responsive desktop? Send me a message with your device name and model. I will invite you to a Google Group discussion. You can chose to subscribe to the discussions once a day or at your convenience. You can reply to messages straight from your inbox.

    There is quite a bit of work left to do. I am in fact redesigning the main navigation to a side nav based on feedback. I am also looking at the overall structure of the site. This is a chance for Koohii users to influence some of that process. All I'm asking if you apply is a minimal effort to give some input mostly in response to questions and updates I provide. For example I may ask to test a html page, and let me know if something's wonky. Or I may discuss some idea to improve a page, adding a button here, removing a link there... and I would like some input on that.