• 17 January 2017On the bleeding edge

    Would you like to test the latest version of the website? The upcoming update is a significant update which improves the mobile experience a lot, as well as benefit desktop users too. For example the Restudy workflow has been improved, the design in general is cleaner and simpler, etc.

    To join in: (step 1) sign up on Github so you can post or comment on issues (bugs / features) (step 2) login the kanji-koohii/feedback room on Gitter with the same login you've just made for GIthub (so you only need one account for both). (step 3, optional) install the Gitter app on Android or iOS then you can follow updates easily from your phone or tablet.

    I'd like to get more users on Gitter who have a mobile device. I will post changes there, and from time to time ask to test a page, and report if it displays correctly, or if it's convenient to use on a smartphone, etc.