• 22 January 2017"Not Secure" Thanks Google

    Thanks to the powers at Google, sometime very soon you will be notified by Chrome version 56 that the login page is "Not Secure". due to not implementing SSL.

    Oh well, I guess it's the kick I needed to finally move to a different web hosting. I will add SSL but it will take some time. I have to figure out which hosting to move to, and then moving the site will be quite a bit of work too.

    Update: maybe it's not worth the trouble moving servers. Presumably I could buy multi-domain SSL for 80 USD a year which isn't that bad. And I think the hosting is good overall. The main downtime people would see is simply the daily backups of the database that freezes everything for a minute or so. It's not ideal, but I prefer to ensure regular backups. Developing...