• 2 February 2017Setting up Patreon!

    I am finally setting up a Patreon page. I haven't yet figured out a goal , or what kind of rewards I could use. I may not need to add perks. Thanks to Dee put it beautifully :

    (...) actually the Koohii site itself is an ongoing "reward" and there are probably many folks like us who would be happy to pledge a monthly support amount without any additional perks. But if we do think of some (easy to fulfill) rewards you could offer for higher support tiers, we'll be sure to email you some suggestions on that.
    I created Add Patreon as a way of support #62 issue on Github. Let me know there if you have ideas for rewards!

    Keep in mind Patreon is a monthly support. For me it is not about funding episodic content. The reward tiers and perks fit really well for content creators however I am a web application developer. I create something consumable you could say, but it's a service so it's not as straightforward for me to come up with perks.

    I also don't want to fall into a trap of implementing features in response to pledges. If I do that I would pressure myself and probably burn out. Which is a bad idea. The way I see it Patreon could be a better alternative to supporting me on PayPal, since it is more visible, and provides a better channel to communicate with you about plans I have for the site and what kind of things you'd like to see.

    Financially speaking, the best thing it could go towards, potentially, is make me consider a part time job to have more time for developing Kanji Koohii. But we will see. The reason I'm going forward is I stopped stressing about it. I don't have much expectations and I'll keep doing my thing anyway. =)