• 8 February 2017Update: My Stories layout & Fix for long keywords

    Today's update fixes Issue #4 [mobile] Fix long keyword in Study > My Stories, plus various small tweaks:

    Before and after on mobile:
    • First, long keywords (usually customized by the user, with Japanese characters) are fixed and show on multiple lines instead of being cut out

    • Unified the layout of the stories with that of the Shared Stories in the Study pages. This is in preparation for refactoring those into a single VueJS component later (developer stuff). Which in turn will allow for better interactivity (like showing a +1 animation if you click star and the like, which is a huge pain to do with oldschool Javascript).

    • The kanji is now always shown in My Stories list. Originally it was hidden and shown on "mouseover", but I think this was relatively of no use. This also simplifies mobile since mobile users don't have a "mouseover".

    • Kanji is small and lined up with frame number on mobile, on desktop where there is more space and the stories can become too stretched horizontally, the kanji is larger and put to the side:

    • Added title attribute (tooltip) for report / copy / vote buttons

    • Added some :hover states (stars are yellow) (partially addresses issue #49

    • Made the keyword only as a link to the Study page, instead of the entire story block. I thought this would be less annoying on mobile, where if you try to tap and scroll, you might open the Study page by mistake.

    For bugs and suggestions comment on Github issues with a simple Github account. Issues I'm working on next are labelled "NEXT".