• 9 February 2017Welcome to Kanji Koohii !

    Waow. I'm impressed with the results of the redesigned landing page. The daily sign ups has shot back up to a healthy 25-30 a day, consistently since Jan 26th update. Up to 39 sign ups on February 5th which is close to what I saw at peak traffic for this relatively "niche" web application, around 2012.

    So welcome everybody! I just did a big mobile / responsive update to the website and there are still a lot of things I can smooth out. Please let me know if you come across anything wonky on your smartphone or tablet. Here are the issues tagged "mobile" on Github.

    Another thing that would be super helpful is if you find the website doesn't quite match to what you expected when signing up, let me know too! I'm just one guy and I'm quite overwhelmed already but there may be things that are already on my list that I just don't know how important it is to you! If you already use Gitter by chance, the feedback chat is a very easy way also to send me some suggestions or bugs.

    Back to analytics: the tricky part is to understand what that data means. I'll admit I can't make any sense of it beyond the basics. The most helpful data I got from it was to realize that we have approx 25% of the audience accessing the website from "mobile". What I didn't quite fully realize yet, is that Google Analytics separates "mobile" and "tablet" ! When you combine them together you have 33% that is a third of the visitors who are on touch devices. This is a massive portion of the audience and it was about time I did a mobile / responsive refresh!