• 12 March 2006Progress chart

    When you login, you should now see the link Check your progress on the home page.

    The Progress Chart represents all the lessons from RTK Volume 1, with the total of kanji covered in each lesson.

    Light blue boxes indicate completed lessons. The yellow box indicates the current lesson. The number of flashcards you have added is used to determine how far you are in the book. It's assumed that you are adding flashcards after you have studied the kanji.

    The Progress Chart is inspired by a simple spreadsheet I used to update while studying RTK1.

    The idea behind it is this : focus on completing lessons, instead of counting how many kanji are left to study. Whenever you study, your goal is to complete a lesson. The only kanji you have to worry about is those that take you to the end of the lesson.

    Use the kanji count of each lesson to plan your sessions ahead.

    Sometimes, you might want to push the session a little longer, for example add another 5 kanji, just to complete a lesson that day (and thus, reach your current goal).

    Other times, you may have less than 10 kanji to reach the end of a lesson. That's good, take a break :) It's usually better to keep the beginning of a new lesson to the beginning of a session, so that you have your attention fresh for new primitives.

    Divide and conquer !

    As always, if you have comments or suggestions your feedback is welcome.