• 25 February 2017The Road Ahead (Open Source plans)

    After more consideration I've decided I will open source the website sooner than later. There aren't going to be many folks out there who are going to make solid contributions, let's be real. Just putting up the code on github doesn't magically bring contributions. Designing, developing and maintaining a web app takes a lot of time and skills. But if there is just one or two people coming forward it will be worth it.

    I think that the work I did for the responsive & mobile friendly update in December-January was the most crucial to open the code for contributions. There is a lot more refactoring to do, but I figure that some of that may be an interesting task for someone since it is all about learning and using a modern Javascript framework (VueJS 2). And since I updated the build to use Webpack 2 and Babel it means contributions can use modern ES6/ES2015 Javascript.

    In terms of organization I moved all tasks and planning to github, and I am easy to reach on Gitter. There is the issue of documentation. I guess I will write a very basic guide through the github wiki, everything else I guess I can address questions on Gitter and update docs accordingly. Since I enjoy designing and thinking about user experience, in theory it should work well. I expect contributions to come from developers with more of an engineer background. I'm not very good at maths, statistics and the like so in theory our skills should combine well. I looked at figma recently, and that could be one tool for sharing concepts which works in all OS'es (it's browser based).

    Lately I have had to reconsider where my focus is in my life. I am healing from trauma from abandonment and abuse. Therapy has been fantastic for healing much of my anxiety. However to heal trauma requires my full attention. It has to be the most important thing in my life. Often times working on this site and other things has been a form of "recluse" from life. So things are getting in the right direction for me now, but it also made me wonder about where Patreon stands in this.

    Hence, my idea now is to continue to lead this project, but open source it sooner than later. This means I can can continue to develop the site and hopefully get some help via contributions. If I can focus more on the design / user experience also it is more relaxing for me and something I enjoy better. Let's talk about this on Gitter!

    And then I figure, as I know all the work that needs to be done to keep this site running, what needs to be refactored, etc. I can continue to lead this project. And I feel the Patreon page is still very much appropriate. At the very least I can put a goal to cover the basic costs for the hosting, domain name & SSL certificate renewals. But I hope it will encourage more support too.