• 27 February 2017Hello world!

    I'm seeing 40 new signups in the last 24h, a full month after the responsive update! This is pretty nuts. Safe to say the responsive redesign of the website has been a success.. at least in terms of signups. Now I hope the website fulfills what people were looking for!

    Seeing more accounts is great as it is a positive indicator. But of course my primary goal was to make the website more usable for people who actually want to use it. Seeing the result of the update it is safe to say that people were pointed to Kanji Koohii, or found a link in Google search, and then turned away. The old homepage was doing a really bad job communicating both what it does, but also saying "hey, this site is quite usable on your device".

    Also I don't know if anybody else noticed but the average visitors per day on the forum has increased a little bit. I'm guessing maybe they are new Kanji Koohii users who visit the forum (there is a forum link in the navigation). Since the forum was made responsive already in late 2015, that means mobile device users can easily navigate from this site to the forum and back.

    So,welcome! You guys are from pretty much all over the world, according to the "location" field: Japan, UK , Germany, Australia, Viet Nam, India, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Italia, Ireland, Portugal, etc.