• 3 March 2017NEW: Kanji to Keyword (reverse) mode

    This update fixes two minor issues and adds a new review option for non-SRS modes.

    Fixed #80, and #81 (example word meanings that are too long and break out of the card).

    New: Kanji to Keyword mode

    A "kanji to keyword" mode has been requested every once in a while. So it is here finally. This mode is available in the Kanji Review page. It does not use the SRS. Tracking and scheduling reviews in both directions would make no sense, as you'd end up with a massive amount of reviews when you have 2000 cards in the system. You would also end up repeating the same reviews to some extent.

    The main purpose of this mode in my opinion, is for new SRS users. And the feedback I received often seems to confirm this. When you start out the SRS doesn't give many reviews yet, and new users want to review more. As Heisig himself suggests, the "kanji to keyword" connection will happen on its own as you move to vocabulary so in theory it is not recommended to review from "kanji to keyword". But I think for new SRS users not much harm is done as this provides additional reviews and can help to gain confidence with the memorizing process.

    The most convenient option likely is with "Review from learned kanji". (second mode in Kanji Review page). After you review with the SRS, you can revisit those same cards (due and scheduled) in "kanji to keyword" direction in the free review mode (thus not affecting the prior SRS review scheduling).

    Better yet, if you enable the example words you will see vocabulary as prompt, and once you flip the card, the vocabulary meaning is shown.

    For feedback / requests on this feature see Github issue Add a Kanji > Keyword review mode #79.