• 5 March 2017Patreon launched!

    Finally Kanji Koohii has launched on Patreon! In addition to the presentation there is a first post going a bit more in detail about next steps as well as goals and perks.

    Update 2: Currently looking into Patreon API so I can display a list of patrons, and then think of some perks.

    Update To drum up support a little bit I updated the HTTPS / SSL goal to 50 USD. The previous amount of 35 USD was the bare minimum really, so I think this amount is more sensible. This goal basically covers an upgrade of the shared hosting and the price of a SSL certificate for one year for 3 domains (ie. Kanji Koohii, the forum, and a testing.domain). This is assuming I stay on the current hosting, which does not yet offer Let's Encrypt support.