• 10 March 2017Patrons list is up !

    We now have a list of current patrons! The list is sorted by creation date, left to right, top to bottom. A big thank you to our first twelve patrons, you guys are awesome =) (ps: the list is not updated in real time, just a few times a day).

    Next, I am looking into linking your Patreon account to Koohii account. The list of patrons only tells me who pledged on Patreon, but I can not tell who you are on Koohii. So I will add a link into Account Settings which lets you sign in securely on Patreon, and authorize Kanji Koohii to get basic information such as name and and pledge level. Once that link is created Kanji Koohii will recognize you are a patron!

    Patreon recommends adding a reward to give your users / fans an incentive to become patrons. It seems pretty integral to the way Patreon works and Koohii shall not disappoint!

    Soon I will implement the first Patreon reward. Every now and then people asked me to have more space to edit stories. I figure this is a relatively simple, but useful perk. I will increase the storage limit then for patrons, I haven't decided yet but likely 2-4 times the current limit of 512 characters.

    It makes complete sense for me to implement this as a perk, because stories are expensive in terms of storage... over 1 GB as of writing. Removing the limit for all users means that the database would sooner grow out of control for me and make full backups increasingly complex.

    If you have ideas for other perks / rewards let me know!. Keep in mind this is fairly new for me, and your feedback is important to me.