• 19 March 2017Open Source update

    Wow, preparing the public repository takes a HUGE amount of time. I'm finally done going through the whole file structure. Making sure no private data is in there and sensitive files don't get committed, improving comments/documentation in various files, and updating a few things here and there. Not to mention a bunch of dependencies that I had to fix so it works from a single repository instead of whatever setup I was using.

    Ugh. Now I have to prepare a database export so a contributor can have a minimal database that can be run locally. In order to maintain magnonellie's pull requests (the SVG logo) I'll probably start copying all my local files folder-by-folder into the github repository. This will let me review everything that gets added into the repository as a last check.

    By the end of next week the code should be up on GIthub.

    PS: I've been thinking about how to handle Patreon rewards in regard to contributions. It would be awkward for someone to contribute code that ends up as a Patreon reward in some way. They would have to be a patron on top of already helping me with the development, to benefit from their additions. That's silly. The solution is pretty simple: anybody who makes a significant contribution will get permanent patron status and hence, have the perks/rewards enabled on their account.