• 22 September 2017Improving the Dictionary Lookup results

    Improving the results of the Dictionary feature
    At the moment the listing is very basic. It has a builtin criteria in that it filters out non-common entries. Specifically it currently includes "ichi1", "news1', "spec1" "gai1" (approx. 16000 words).

    To provide better and more useful results, it needs to be sorted according to some logic. For example simple verbs using a single kanji could be shown first. Please share any good suggestions you have in Github issue #122.

    Today's Update
    The website was updated with a refactor of the Dictionary listings to VueJs ( Github issue #121 ). If it doesn't behave exactly as before, or it's broken please let me know!

    I am now refactoring the kanji flashcard itself to a Vue component ( Github issue #38 ). Once this is done we can start doing some fancy things like adding a word from the Dictionary results to the flashcard, potentially allowing users to customize the kanji cards with any examples they find useful. I'm still brainstorming this one.