• 28 September 2017Improved layout for flashcards on mobile + portrait view

    Example words are now displayed below the kanji in portrait view on phone-like devices. It should look like this. Let me know in that github issue or contact page if there are any issues, be sure to mention with device you use or even better, send me a screenshot!

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    Currently I am busy refactoring things to modern Javascript. This will make it much easier to enhance the website as well as fix some issues which are otherwise a headache to solve by maintaing the old code. Keep in mind I started this website more than 11 years ago! As of today's update flashcards are now rendered with VueJs, as well as the Dictionary List. If you are a developer you can clone the open source repository and experiment with the Vue components.

    I am thinking I should update to the last JMDICT version as well. It's been a while it hasn't been updated. Since I fixed a bunch of scripts I used to parse JMDICT, back in August.. I should be able to do this soon.