• 2 October 2017NEW : Highlight entries with known kanji in Dictionary

    Today's update adds an interesting feature for users of Koohii flashcards. The dictionary lookup in Study and Flashcard Review pages now highlights vocabulary entries made of known kanji.

    Currently a "known kanji" is simply a kanji for which you have added a flashcard. In the future this may be refined based on your feedback. Should a "known kanji" also be reviewed once? Should it include kanji in the failed card pile? Etc.

    In this example, a verb made of a single kanji (plus kana suffix) will be highlighted and thus brought to the user's attention. This can provide a good example word to remember the kanji.


    In this second example the user has learned the first 50 kanji with the RTK method (index #1 to #50). The second word is not highlighted yet but once the user has learned 大 (kanji #112 "large") then the second word will be highlighted too.


    Over the weeks and months as you add more flashcards and your "known kanji" expands, and you revisit the dictionary during flashcard reviews, new entries will be highlighted.

    A key point with this approach is that any vocabulary item that is highlighted is always based on previous knowledge.

    Do you find this feature useful? How does it fit into your study and how would you like to see it improved? Let me know via contact page or this forum thread.

    This feature corresponds to Github issue #125.