• 13 October 2017F.A.Q.: How do I reset my flashcards?

    I added a new section to the Frequently Asked Questions : "How do I reset my flashcards?"

    This is a fairly common question for users who return to the site after taking a medium / long break. If you are going to go through the RTK book again, or some other kanji method and want to add kanji cards back in order this could make sense.

    If you just took a long break from reviewing however it's recommended to let the SRS take care of it. Decide how many cards you are going to review per day, say, 30... or how much time (say, 30 mins). Once you have reviewed that amount, end the review with the End button. Trust your memory, even if you stop all your Japanese study for half a year, you may still remember 10 to 20% of the kanji. Those kanji are better off to remain scheduled with a long interval, and you will end up with less reviews over time.

    If you prefer to start over, then I recommend to use and abuse the Easy answer. to reduce your review load over time. Keep in mind you can always answer Hard later if you were overconfident, and this will move the kanji card back one box, and to a smaller review interval, so not much harm done.