• 27 October 2017Soon: Update to the Spaced Repetition Scheduling

    (Update: As I wrote in this post there will be custom settings for the SRS so it's possible to keep the scheduling more or less as it is now).

    The default review intervals for kanji flashcards will be revised In the next update, which should help ease the review load for long time users.

    • There will be 10 piles instead of 7 (not counting the first box which holds restudy and new cards).
    • The multiplier used is approx 2.05, leading to : 3 7 13 26 53 109 223 457 936 1919 For the first 7 reviews the intervals are a little bit lower than the current values, but otherwise pretty close.
    • The maximum base interval increases from approx. 8 months to 5 years (~240 days to ~1900 days).
    • Keep in mind you can still use "Easy", which further multiplies the interval by 1.5x

    I was talking to someone about that. Someone else just brought it up on the forum so I thought I'd confirm this upcoming change and invite you to make suggestions if you like in this thread.

    What will happen to my SRS cards?

    After the update, answering "Yes" or "Easy" to the cards in the last box will now give them a greater interval. So over time the review load will decrease. and further separate well known cards from newer ones. Existing flashcards are otherwise unaffected. The SRS chart should in theory display just the same, the cards with 7+ reviews will all appear in the last box of the graph.