• 12 April 2006Forums a-coming !

    I have finally started working on adding a forum to the website! It was on my "to do" list since long, but there were a few things I was wary of.

    The main thing I was concerned with was that the forum would take time away from improving the Review and Study areas. But I think at this point the website's core functionality is there and it's working very well.

    Another concern was that I would loose focus.

    The most important thing for me is that I keep the website focused on its primary goal : to help you complete "Remembering the Kanji" Volume 1.

    There are thousands of "learning Japanese" forums out there. Interestingly, there are very few resources for those willing to learn to read and write over two thousand kanji, in particular with James Heisig's method.

    "Remembering the Kanji" is a self-learning method, and as such it takes a lot of dedication, discipline and patience.

    Thus, the primary goal of the forum will be to allow members to exchange tips, advice and encouragement for completing the method.

    Another important aspect of the forum of course is that it will allow you to discuss with other members about your goals, interests, etc and keep the motivation going.

    Until now, the website has been like a community, but one where nobody can talk to each other (save for sharing stories and tracking each other's progress on the member's list).

    I hope the forums will also be a place to practice the kanji that we have just learned, without worrying too much about vocabulary or grammar.

    I'm sure with your help we will be able to come up with all sorts of fun kanji games to keep the interest going!

    PS: as I read a bit about the history of forums I came upon this interesting article on Wikipedia : 2ちゃんねる ("2channel") is apparently the largest internet forum in the world.