• 24 April 2006View stories during a review session

    You can now view/edit stories for a kanji directly from the review page. This can be handy if you have trouble remembering some parts of a kanji and want to adapt your story, or check if some new stories have been shared.

    Simply click on the keyword displayed at the top left of the flash card to open a new window with the corresponding kanji in the Study area.

    Note: you will have to hit the "Reload" button on your browser once in the Review page.

    I have toyed with opening a popup window for this feature, but it didn't turn out as useful as I thought. It's just one of those ideas that sound better in theory than in practice.

    The popup window is never the right size (depending on how many shared stories appear below the kanji). You will often want to move it, or scroll it with the scrollbar, you have to close it, etc. It gets fairly annoying.

    The advantage of the popup window was to hide the left side column of the Study page, to focus on the kanji. But in that case you would have been unable to browse to other kanji which are related in order to build a story.

    Thus, the keyword link on the flashcard opens the Study area in a new window. Most modern browsers with "Tabbed Browsing" can open that window in a new tab, including Internet Explorer if you use an 'enhanced' version such as Crazy Browser.

    Simply click the middle mouse button on the keyword to open the corresponding Study area in a new tab, middle click once again to close the tab. Opera will open new windows in a tab by default, and you can configure Firefox to do the same (that is, always open a new tab for new windows, even with the left mouse button).