• 18 February 2007Support Reviewing the Kanji!

    After one and a half year since the website is online I finally came to my senses and put up a donation page. You've had to remind me about it ... thank you for your support and encouragement.

    So go ahead, donate to Reviewing the Kanji !

    I've also created a Amazon.com wishlist, and a Amazon.co.jp wishlist, if you would like to make a gift. Thank you!

    When I decided to put my work online, back in August 2005, it was with the intent that it would benefit to people at large, knowing that completing a self-learning method like RTK takes a lot of self-discipline (studying) and organization (reviewing).

    The reason why it took me so long to put up a donation page is that I've had to get over some mental blocks while doing so.

    One of the things I realized is that by not accepting donations (whether intently or not), I was actually limiting my contribution.

    Since I get a sense of purpose and fulfillment out of creating something that helps people out there; all the while doing what I love to do; I was just sabotaging myself.

    By accepting your donations, and looking into other ways for financially supporting the website, I will be able to do more of what I love to do. Everybody wins. It's quite embarrassing that it took me so long to figure this out.