• 7 May 2007Tokyo RtK meetup & website update

    Here it is at last!

    The third RtK meetup took place in Tokyo on April 21st. Thanks to everyone who attended. It was great to meet you all! I wish we'd had more time to talk but I guess the weather was too good to allow us to sit around a table.

    Head over to the forums for a quick sum up of the afternoon from Andy and Scott.

    From left to right we have members: Fabrice (yours truly), Mario (woelpad), Chris (Katsuo), Scott (scooterinjapan), Christoph (christoph), Andy (synewave) and Bryan (brose).

    Special thanks to Mario, Scott and Jeffrey (who is not on the photo), with whom I've stayed during the later part of my holidays in Japan, from April 21 to April 28! Also thanks to Andy who offered to lodge me as well.

    I hope to put up a gallery of photos from my trip in Japan, probably link to it from the About page... but this might take a while.

    In the meantime I took a handful of photos that afternoon in Ueno park, which I'll upload to a flickr account. Including a quizz, and a monkey! ^_^ Stay tuned!

    Today's update

    After more consideration, and listening to your comments on the forum, I decided to switch over the method for adding new flashcards. I also finally added an option to delete flashcards. Both options take a frame number from the book, rather than the number of cards to add or delete.