• 15 May 2007Update to the grid and a fix for Opera

    For users of Mac + Firefox browser : I've updated the grid display on the flashcard review page, so that the kanji should now line up correctly with the grid. It may still be slightly off, I don't have easy access to a Mac for testing, so please bear with me.

    As a side-bonus I finally fixed a problem of font selection in the Opera browser. It will now display the kanji with the "Mincho" font, instead of the blocky "Gothic" font.

    The "Gothic" font is meant for readability at small font sizes, but doesn't look good at large sizes.

    The "Mincho" font is the one with variable-width strokes, it looks more natural, with the end of strokes tapered. This font is difficult to read at small sizes on a computer monitor, but is much better for the flashcards, since you can tell where strokes begin and where they end.