• 16 October 2007Reviewing the Kanji featured in The Japan Times today!

    Reviewing the Kanji has been featured today on The Japan Times in the article "Self-study sites welcome you to the world of kanji", by Mary Sisk Noguchi! The article can also be read on Mary's site : www.kanjiclinic.com.

    I spent a very pleasant afternoon with Mary in Nagoya back in April, as I was traveling back from Tokyo towards Gifu in Chuubu perfecture. I stopped in Nagoya where we had the local specialty udon for lunch and then discussed all things kanji, the state of education of Japanese to foreigners, and of course James Heisig's method.

    I'd like to extend my thanks again to Mary for inviting me in Nagoya, and to Karl Rosvold as well, who encouraged me to meet her while I was travelling in Japan. Like Mary, Karl is very committed to helping foreigners break through the "kanji wall", and has a website aptly named www.kanjikabe.com (漢壁) where you will find more information about his upcoming software, "Kanpeki".