• 28 December 2007Trinity : Adding sentences and vocabulary

    I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and the New Year is shaping up good! I'll be off for the weekend to practice my abysmal German skills in Aachen where one of my friends relocated.

    Here's a few more screenshots of what I have been working on, if you read again the news from 5 December Working on the next big update... hopefully it should make more sense now.

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    This is the Trinity "landing" page, where you can see your current progress in the 3 main areas : sentences, vocabulary and kanji.

    Trinity - main page

    Each one of the 3 big tabs contains a summary of the progress, clicking on the tabs shows the flashcard status for Sentences and Vocabulary, and for Kanji it shows various statistics about the kanji covered by the Sentences and Vocabulary.

    Adding a sentence...

    Trinity - Sentence Editor

    Creating a vocabulary list is very similar to adding sentences, the sentence becomes the vocabulary list title, and the notes here are a description for the list (which may be useful when sharing vocab lists) :

    Trinity - Vocab List Editor

    One of the things that came out really well is that entering vocabulary items works exactly the same way whether it is a sentence, a vocabulary list, or exemplary compounds added from the kanji page :

    Trinity - Kanji Study

    Vocabulary items added in any of those 3 ways ends up as flashcards that are reviewed in a similar way to the RtK kanji reviews.

    Over time I want to add some icons to the vocabulary lookup system, to indicate verbs, adjectives, etc. Any improvements to the lookup will then work for Sentences, Vocab lists and Exemplary compounds. The trick will be to figure out what information is really relevant and needs to be seen first.

    So as you can see you can end up with vocabulary flashcards through adding sentences, or adding vocab lists, or adding exemplary compounds... or all three :)

    Having only one, simple method for entering vocabulary accross the site I think goes a long way to make it user friendly. Another thing is I try to make each screen/webpage have a single purpose.

    On paper, the idea is that sentences provide context for vocabulary, and vocabulary (kanji compounds) provide context for the Japanese characters. Each one is a part of the whole, that's the idea behind the name. Or maybe I'm over thinking it ;)