• 12 February 2008Updates to the Study area

    This update introduces a "My Stories" page as well as a "Published Stories" page, and a slightly updated "Failed Kanji" page.

    The "My Stories" page simply lists all your stories, public and private. The "Published Stories" page lets you review your publicly shared stories and also see only those that other members voted on.

    Both pages have a layout for printing, where all the extras (page header, footer, etc) are removed so you get an output similar to the RtK book. Let me know how it goes and I'll try to finetune it over time, I need to install some kind of fake printer because I don't have one at home and Firefox for example, wouldn't let me see the Print Preview.

    The search box is always available and is auto-focused when the page finished loading.

    PS: there is a silly bug whereby the pager will not remember the sorting in the stories lists. I need to fix this bad habit of putting updates online just before racing to bed.. this bug will be fixed tomorrow evening if I have time.