• 18 February 2008A poster with kanji on it

    It looks like we have a new mascot at Reviewing the Kanji! The kanji literate rodent is the creation of member paddy71 (aka Paddy Duddy) who got in touch with me about his kanji business idea www.kanjiposter.com :

    "I came up with the idea of making a poster with all the kanji I was learning on it so I could stare at it while sitting at the office (I work in the graphic design and print industry). Then I decided to laminate it so I could write on it with a dry erase marker."

    I couldn't resist posting paddy's detailed instructions for "How to Use the Kanji Poster" :

    How to Use the Kanji Poster - A Detailed Look

    I really like the ad and I thought it could be useful to learners out there. I actually looked for one myself when I was studying RtK, but had no luck back then. Here's to kanjiposter's success! It is the year of the mouse (okay, rat) in Japan, after all ;)