• 15 April 2008Thank you!

    I've been meaning to post this in a long while...

    I am very grateful and thankful for the donations you've sent me last year and which I continue to receive to this day. They definitely keep me going. Also special thanks to those hardy souls who have chosen the recurring donation and have been supporting me, some of you even since February 2007 (you know who you are).

    Thank you!   ありがとう!

    Current plans

    Updates have slowed down lately because I am currently in the process of rewriting all the site's code into something more manageable. Basically, lots of behind the scenes programming which doesn't have any direct visible changes.

    However on the long run I think it will make a lot of difference. It will make it easier for me to do quicker updates. And it will simply make possible things that had become too complicated to develop or maintain in my spare time.

    Read on...

    This complete "refactoring" of the site code became necessary because the site was my first real php project, and somehow doing this in my spare time I had gotten into the bad habit of writing "quick fixes" here and there. As all developers know.. bad code becomes unmanageable and simple features that should take 2 to 3h to develop would take far more time... or I ended up procrastinating on them.

    In particular developing greater interaction in the pages with Javascript can become a mess real fast between the server side php code, the client side javascript, html, css... The lightweight framework I'm working on has already helped me solve these problems.

    For example in the Trinity alpha I added some nifty tables that can be sorted in Ajax which are "components" which I can include anywhere and display any kind of data. The component itself has its own html "view", associated javascript, php backend, etc

    I am now rewriting the Leitner Stacks display with this component structure. The next big thing will be rewriting the review page into a Review component, so that any enhancements such as pre-fetching cards will work accross the whole site, for kanji review, vocab reviews and sentence reviews in Trinity.